Ocean View workshop

Submitted by Michael on Mon, 05/29/2017 - 10:31


The Inethi project had its first public event in May, at Ocean View High School.

The day started with an informal session, as people were trickling into the computer lab. Marius Waries, the after-school supervisor, encouraged learners to explore content available on the Wifi such as games and the WikiFundi platform, which has an offline-editable Wikipedia environment as well as related resources. The learners used both their own devices and the tablets housed in the lab.

Then Torsten  Stauch welcomed all present and introduced Melissa Densmore who explained the project, emphasising that Inethi is a public resource, and inviting input. She led a visioning exercise in which learners sketched what they would like Inethi to be, on large posters.

Visitors were able to view the lab's School In A Box, which includes a server, 3G modem, 30 tablets, and power supplies for all the above. It all fits in a lockable steel trunk which can be carried by one person, and which can be connected to mains power even when locked.